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Portable and Central Vacuum Systems

In the world of industrial vacuum cleaners, there are many participants and many configurations designed to adapt or “apply” various technologies to a particular need. Exactly what is an industrial vacuum cleaner? How does a portable industrial vacuum cleaner differ from an industrial central vacuum system?

Let’s start with some basic information on the concept of vacuum and how it is applied in the “cleaning” aspect.

On earth, we move about in the crustal realm, which is the surface in which we move about. Dirt is all around us, in our homes and places of work. Household dirt consists of crustal dirt tracked in from outside and the shedding of skin from humans and pets. Yes, it’s true, the white powder you see in the vacuum bag or vacuum canister is skin!

In modern societies, the advent of a vacuum producing device coupled with a filter bag or canister is put to use for keeping house and home clean and comfortable.

Vacuum cleaners for home use are designed for a very limited life and approximately one to two hours of operation per week.

Here’s where it gets interesting. In the production of manufactured goods that include everything from transportation goods to communication devices, food manufacturing, consumer goods and so on, create large amounts of dust and contaminants that are bothersome to the people that produce them.

Dust and solid particle byproducts created during the production of goods and food manufacturing can be classified as hazardous to humans in several aspects.

  1. Dust from manufacturing production can be small enough to be classified as “respirable”. See also
  2. Dust from manufacturing production can be classified as “combustible dust”. For more information see
  3. Particles from coating processes can be classified as a volatile organic compound or “VOC”. A volatile organic compound is a gaseous pollutant that is handled differently than the solid particles above. For more information see
A portable industrial vacuum cleaner is designed to operate continuously with many robust features. The industrial vacuum cleaner should incorporate some or all of the attributes below;
  1. A continuous duty motor coupled to a robust vacuum producer.
  2. A large fabric filters area in relation to the air volume throughput. Referred to as air to cloth ratio.
  3. A vacuum producer that produces vacuum levels much greater than 60 inches of water column.
  4. A means to shake, pulse or clean the filters. Filter cleaning is performed online and offline (vacuum on or off)
  5. A low pressure drop across the vacuum cleaner. This puts the pump capacity to work for the operator rather than waste the energy through the vacuum systems piping and filters.
  6. A large storage canister, based on the air volume throughput and specific use.
  7. A vacuum producer inlet safety filter – preferably a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter protects the environment and personnel. See also
  8. A differential pressure gage for the primary filter and secondary filter.
  9. A bag equalizer that permits a plastic bag to be inserted in the dirt receptacle for easy contents removal.
The same attributes can be applied to the industrial central vacuum system. The central vacuum system for industrial use typically supports more users and significantly lowers the cost per operator over a longer time period. As you can see there are many variables in the application and selection of this type of industrial equipment.

Please call us to discuss your specific application.

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Industial Central Vacuum System

Industrial Central Vacuum Systems

What is an industrial central vacuum cleaning system? Industrial central vacuum systems provide numerous efficiencies over portable vacuums for industrial applications. A central vacuum is just that, a vacuum system that is installed in a centralized location with a network of specialized vacuum tubing and fittings. To learn more click the Industrial Central Vacuum Systems link


PLECO™ Loader Portable Vacuum Series

The Loader Portable Vacuum Series let you clean up your dry spills with ease using a super-efficient, triple-filter system and strong, super-quiet regenerative type vacuum producer. The Loader systems have several options available in storage hopper size, blower horsepower, and filtration, so you’ll get exactly the high performance vacuum solution you need. Rental Unit Available!


PLECO™ Regenerative Portable Vacuum Series


The PLĒCO portable vacuum cleaner is patent-pending technology designed with the industrial and commercial vacuum cleaner user in mind. The new vacuum system is built around an all-steel, formed and welded platform designed for intermittent or continuous, heavy-duty use.
Each PLĒCO portable vacuum cleaner is configured with primary filtration and a secondary, High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filter. This unique filter combination permits use of the system for toxic and hazardous metal dusts such as lead, hexavalent chromium dust generated during commercial and general aviation MRO operations, cement dust, organic dusts and many others.
The vacuum system can be configured for use in ...

Industrial Vacuum Tools and Attachments

Industrial Vacuum Tools and Attachments

1 1/2" to 2" industrial vacuum tools and attachments. Includes carpet tools, brushes, squeegees, crevice tools, wands, extensions, and hoses.

Drum Separators

Industrial Vacuum Separators

These separators connect to a central or portable vacuum system and remove particles before they reach the filtration system, extending the life of your filters.




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